Membership for the 2016-17 Season is closed. 
If you are not a member you are ineligible for any coaching end of season awards and you will need to purchase all certificates for athlete awards

Membership List

MISCA Zone Listing


Facts & Information About Membership:

  • Annual membership is active from August 1st – July 31st
  • Online membership is $45
  • Discounts are available for teams
  • Onsite registration at the MISCA meet will be $60
  • NISCA registration can be done at the same time as MISCA registration or separately
  • 1st year coaches will receive free clinic admission
  • Your membership must be in good standing by the MISCA Meet in order to be eligible for end of season awards

Member Benefits          General Liability Insurance Program


  1. Stephanie L Huyser

    Is it too late to register for the boys MISCA meet? And are the dates for this next girl’s Misca meet October 7 and 8 or is that from the past season? How can I go about getting my girls team set up for next year?

    1. David Zulkiewski

      Registration is open until the boys meet. Take care of your membership, keep an eye on the website for boys meet info. Entries will be do the week before
      Girls dates for 2017 won’t be up until April-May

  2. Sue Alt

    Is there a simple way to get a confirmation (receipt) that I paid my MISCA fees at the MISCA meet? My school will reimburse.

    1. dzulkiewski (Post author)

      If you paid on deck at the MISCA meet you can email Eric Talsma(About Us Tab) and he can help you out

  3. LCL

    Hi! What are the timelines/deadlines for a new swim coach to register a high school boys team for MISCA’s during the 2016/2017 school year?

    1. dzulkiewski (Post author)

      You can register for MISCA Membership between now and the boys MISCA Meet. You must be a current member for your team to compete at the MISCA meet and in order to be eligible for end of season awards (COY, Academic All State, All State, etc)

      1. LCL

        Thank you!

  4. KL

    Did all of the MISCA Girls Meet times get uploaded into the USA Swimming database (for club swimmers)? We noticed that some of our swimmers had their times uploaded but others did not.

    1. dzulkiewski (Post author)

      We sent a MM Backup to the folks at Michigan US Swimming. I am not aware of any issues with the file, but can check on it. Either post the the names of the athletes or email them to me( and I will check.

  5. Shannon McNamara

    Are the times listed for the middle school accurate for the 2015-2016 season?

    Is the meet the weekend of February 5-6?

    1. dzulkiewski (Post author)

      Yes and Yes


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