All State & Coach of the Year

All State
The MISCA Board is proud of all of our Michigan interscholastic swimmers and divers. We wish that there were more answers than questions during this trying time. After much deliberation the MISCA Executive Board has decided to announce our All State Swimmers and Divers for the Boys 2020 season. All swimmers and divers that qualified in an individual event will be recognized by MISCA as an All State Athlete. There will not be event designations but rather each individually qualified athlete will be recognized as All State. In these crazy times the MISCA Board wanted to recognize our state qualified athletes in the absence of the state meets the best way that we knew how.
We will forgo awarding a Swimmer of the Year, Diver of the Year, and Dream Team for the 2019-20 Boys’ Season.
Certificates will be mailed out in the next few weeks and will be mailed to the address you provided when registering for your MISCA Membership. If there are any issues with your certificates and you need to acquire another one you can use the link below. If you know a coach that is not a member that would like to order certificates for their team you can direct them to the link below as well. Certificates may only be ordered by coaches. Parents can contact their coach to place an order.
Coach of the Year Award Winners


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